Jun 5, 2008

A Medication Free Rest

I awoke today from a very peaceful slumber. The overwhelming visions of sugar plums danced in my tiny little brain as I enjoyed uninterrupted hours upon hours of great rem sleep. The sun is brighter and the air is cleaner with this new found rest which makes everything just better. My choices today will be better, my relationships stronger, and my overall health has been regenerated thanks to a slumber from the heavens.

Some might ask what medication or ritual did I use to allow for such a great rest. What on earth could give this great gift to me other than God himself? Well I wish I could take credit for it, but in truth it was the end of the Democratic race that has put me to bed. Yes, after many months of pain and suffering the end is here. A leader has been named for a party that just could not seem to find a single person to run against the everyday aging Republican. This will make the world rest knowing that the time to unite has come. But wait, not until Saturday. That's correct. Even though the nomination has been all sowed up Mrs. Clinton will plan her backing of Obama to take place on Saturday, a mere four days later. I guess to let go of the reins of a horse that has been bucking you for months must be hard to let go.

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