May 1, 2008

Pick a winner not your nose.

For the love of all that holy, would the democratic party just pick a winner already. This is like a golden gloves championship boxing match. The damn thing just will not end. Round after round it just seems to be the same swaying battle. A left jab, a right hook, a Reverend from your old church with a big mouth and a formal president to duck and weave from it just keeps that standing eight count going. Someone, please oh please, just fall down already. Make the nightly news worth watching again. If I have to hear one more commercial slandering the moral character of your fellow party member I may just spit. Oh, that's right, your in the same party you two asses. The Democratic party is facing one of its biggest challenges in November and it can't even pick a nominee. How can you run a decisive country with such a vast different stance within the party? I think its time for the party to choose a horse and get on it. Let the front runner stand up for the party, let the second place choice back that candidate, and lets get this race started.

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