Mar 27, 2008

Tis The Season, Tax Season

With all the day to day bills and modern conveniences need to survive this hectic world the average Joe is spending more than he has, period. The well of finance is being drawn from way too much these days thanks to increased fuel prices which in turn increase food prices and so on. People are digging themselves into financial quick sand just to make it. But every year there is one great hope for some; the tax return. A rare and mythical creature, only seen by some, that brings joy to those less fortunate or those whom breed like rabbits. This return for some is almost like a Christmas bonus check that comes once a year to allow for purchases of certain much need items like flat screen t.v.'s. They wait in long lines to process those w2's into cold hard cash. For me tax season has always been hit or miss. Being a single white male without dependents, the creature has often and frequently escaped my grasp. Maybe if I received a monthly government check and had more children than teeth I too could open my doors to financial security. Ah, there is always next year I guess.

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