May 25, 2008

End Of Days

Will her or wont she is on the minds of a lot of Americans these days. Will Hillary Clinton concede to the populous and step down in the race for the democratic nomination. The answer is quite simply, no. To Hillary this fight is not over until the electoral process is complete and a victor has been named who ever it shall be. This is a testimony to her amazing resolve and passion that has made her a leading contender in her party. However it also offers a little insight in the psyche that would be leading our country. A leader has to except losses as well as victories. To simply plea or demand for success is not how one takes a country into a new era of leadership. The ability to make a self choice that benefit’s the better good of your fellow Americans is what makes a president a president. She has take her voice of determination and created a knife cutting into the muscle of the Democratic Party.

Its time to begin the healing of the damage that has been created and embrace your parties’ greatest challenge, the race for the White House. A party un-united is not acceptable to lead the United States of America.

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