May 30, 2008

Is it a Race or Racist?

How far will a white lady go to win the top seat in the White House? Well I guess as far as it will take leading up to and including a last ditch effort to win Puerto Rico? Lets be honest, I know a lot of die hard democrats will argue this point but fair is fair, if the nomination was a lock for Hillary would she be in the lovely Island of Puerto Rico? I say nay nay. The reality is that this newest campaign strategy is truly the last resuscitation effort of a dying campaign. The time is drawing near for the Princess of Power to submit her position and stand behind the true future of the party. The time for healing and reuniting is to begin now. A further and even more prolonged battle only keeps an every increasing scar fresh. Dress your wounds and get on with it.
Hey John McCain must love this. He is winning a race by just sitting back and speaking about the issues he wants to discuss. No opposition, no debates, and no reason to stick his neck out on any issues. His strongest assets is that he comes from a united party. A party that may be a little tarnished still displays the collective support of most of the country. How lucky is he? I bet Bush Jr. is wishing he had half the trouble he did.

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