Jun 1, 2008

The Dishonor of Man

It was a Sunday morning at 10:41 when an interesting point of fact was brought to my attention; there is no more honor in men. The grandfather and fathers of our past have long sense died along with the pride and honor of a once great nation. Not more than ninety years ago men too young to legally stand for their country would lie about their age for the chance to prove they had the metal to stand up for something other than themselves. These brave ghosts of our past embraced America. They arose above petty disputes, declining economies, and political hog wash to defend something they believed in, The United States of America. This Era of man is long since dead and decaying and in its wake a new breed of self centered, self righteous men seeking how they can better only themselves. The pride of being apart of something great has given way to need to feel much more as an individual. One could argue that this new found self philosophy is in part to a movement in the late fifties early sixties to encourage self expression. The reality is that the Honor of men has been sold cheep. Men no longer are accountable for their actions or responsibilities as Americans or as fathers to the next generation.

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