Mar 11, 2008

Blow This Up....And Down...And...

Many of us have had personal convictions we feel very deeply about. Be it the way we like our eggs all the way up to the way we raise our children. The reality is that every day you probably have 30+ items that your so passionate about that your willing to do anything for, but would you blow up for it? Are you so committed to your morning cup of coffee that you would strap on two tons of explosive and blow up an anti-java group? To me, that should be the definition of true commitment to a cause. Those individuals who everyday get up in the morning and pray to what every god they pray to, kiss their family good-bye, and put on their favorite TNT jacket and go off to make a statement. "I care so much for my believe that I'm willing to not only kill X number of innocents, but also take my own life. Beat that." To these people I must say that I salute your passion. But please leave my American soldiers alone. They have things they believe in too, like their families back home. That is why they travel all over the world to fight and protect those that need it. Please stop killing them to prove your point.

I am usually not one to stereotype, okay that might be a lie. But a new study makes this one just too easy. A new medical study has found that one in four teenage girls has a STD. In this study one particular race of young girls stands out as the number one "victim" of this Greek tragedy. It seems that this could be a cry out for the moral fiber of the American home needing two parents and a good belief structure to help raise the future. With increasing number of single parent homes trying to make it on their own and having to work two jobs to keep shoes on the seven kids it can't be easy. But with my great knowledge base I have come up with the perfect solution to help stop this ever decreasing spiral into hell, STOP HAVING KIDS OUT OF WEDLOCK. STOP SLEEPING WITH THE ENTIRE HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM. Take enough pride in yourself to stay true to who you are and what you believe in. Just laying down to prove that you need or love someone is dumb. Be true to who you are and make a solid committed relationship work before bringing in little ones. Give them a fighting chance to make something of their lives.

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