Mar 10, 2008

The Return of the Rant

After a long hiatus and several days of flu I have regathered my strength and wits to post my latest (and often not so greatest) rant. As I'm sure most of you with a television know that the Democratic nomination process is in great turmoil. Even members with in the party are starting to bash the other hopeful. Remember when it use to be such a simple process. A party powerhouse was usually in the front running right off the bat. Like on the republican side of the fence for example. John McCain is almost running unopposed at this part and the party couldn't be more content with their choice. So my question is simply this, come November what Democrats are going to vote for McCain out of spite? Or is the division of party only good for the nominations?

Ah, the beginning of spring training and the start of the baseball season. with the smell of hot dogs and nachos in the air how could i possible find something to complain about. Well lucky for you I have a few little items. Spring training is the start of a new chapter in the great American pastime. It is reborn every year with the hopes and dreams of old timers and rookies searching for that one chance to play seven games in late October. with this hope and promise of a new day I would like to avoid old unsettling topics. Steroids, Money, and Barry Bonds are three things that need to just go away. The continuing investigations into steroid use and the effects it has had in this great game is a witch hunt without bodies. even if the greats did use it and broke records, are you going to strip them of fame and fortune? You have crack addicts in the hall of fame but steroids is the new evil huh? (sorry Pete, still no hall of fame for you. should have down blow in stead). Money and contracts, give me a break. The New York Yanks had lots of money and yes won a lot of titles, but it was pure talent that won those games. and there happens to be talent out there for a a lot less. Ah, Barry, still looking for a home to play in. Maybe if you were more show than dough you would be better liked and sought after. I hope you find a place to play and hit about .210.

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