Jan 27, 2008

Eat This, Period

The eat this not that craze has begun to give me great heartburn. After much thought on this new diet hijinks's I thought I would chime in on what appears to be the next great example in human self loathing. The concept of what you should eat vs. what you shouldn't eat might be new for some, but for most of the educated free world it would seem to be common sense. But I think we will have to take this to the next level to really see the mind blowing results that all of us want. Here's a new diet trend for you, PUT THE FORK DOWN. Instead of gorging yourself meal after meal take the time to eat what you need to survive and pass on the rest. It use to be acceptable practice to clean everything off your plate as a child, but that was when you were sharing a meal with 40 of your closest relatives. now its you and the cat and your still eating like someone is going to take it away from you. PUT THE FORK DOWN. Eat smaller portions, eat less crap, and keep a mental record of the types of things your eating so you can adjust from one meal to the next. (for some that might mean actually having to write it down.) And if you don't already know that you should eat a grilled chicken breast instead of a deep FAT fried one, well maybe there is just no hope for you to begin with.

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