Jan 5, 2008

Wild Card Weekend (In So Many Ways)

This weekend is the beginning of the end on several levels. As always this time of year it marks the playoff picture leading to the Super Bowl. So how can this happy time brew a rant out of me. Well several ways starting with Glendale Arizona. I drive by the future home of this years main event and I simply shake my head. With active construction still taking place and the surrounding uncompleted buildings, how much pride can I take knowing that this mess is about to be center stage? The blame falls on you Glendale. I'm not sure what screamed more like a cry for help. The daily request for volunteers or the minute by minute updates of how well it is coming along. The parking sucks, the local hotel accommodations leave a lot to the imagination, and the beautiful new silver stadium looks great with the dirt field contrast. As with the ADOT system of roadways this project is lacking anything resembling leadership.

I guess some of my upset feelings stem from my New York Giants playing this weekend in a wild card slot. Eli has done very well as a young quarterback bring the Giants to the playoffs several times in his very young career. But its like fishing, you can't cook bites. If you don't finish in the Superbowl, who cares how many times you get to the playoffs. Manning needs to step up and finish the job already. I fear that his future with the Giants is limited and that's sad for me. I would like to see my boys build a strong team to lead us to our first real dynasty.

The only other game I would like to mention is the Seattle/Redskins game. What the hell happen to the Sea chickens? Looked strong and lost the feathers I guess. The interestingly upsetting thing about this game is that the Seahawks are favored, what? The Redskins have not only earned the right to be recognized as a legitimate power in the playoffs, but also they are motivated and pissed. The Seahawks just do not have the drive or passion to finish strong.

The other wild card games ongoing this weekend will be played strong but not on grass or turf. That's right, its the Republican/Democratic race for the nomination. This weekend will be filled with news bits of the candidates stopping off at every door to kiss babies and shake hands. This push is stronger than usual this year because of some surprising front runners. Lets face it, Mrs. Clinton did not plan on having to fight this hard this late in the game for a real chance at being nominated. I'm sure she will pull out all the stops to ensure her place in history, no matter what ethical/moral disregard it will take. As for McCain, please take it easy. Pushing too hard may cause you to stroke out and who would want to see that.

Last but not least, the Brittney watch will be continuing. I'm sure your thoughts and prayers go out to the new/old Queen of Pop. But for me my thoughts go out to those midgets on Springer whom just found out that their 400lb lover is having an affair with a normal size person who happens to be their brother. Be strong little people.

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