Jan 6, 2008


I hate having rants on Sundays. It seems that one should use Sunday to thank god for all that he has going for him and focus a little less on the irritating factors surrounding the day. But thankfully television has no problem fueling my fire. Today, a day of much television, I will have to through out a few rants about the future line ups on TV.

Some classic game shows have made it through the years as a continuing source of entertainment. Namely those that old Merv had a hand in. But those that sucked should not try to make a glorious comeback in 2008. Gladiator was, at best, something other than an infomercial to watch on Sundays. It was never an example of quality gaming entertainment, so why the hell has it returned to primetime? And Hulk Hogan, Bless it, what the heck are you doing. You were once a great Icon and now I’m ashamed to say that I wore your Halloween costume, once or twice.

Knight rider? Seriously? Knight rider? Why lord? Why?

The Terminator is one of the greats in sci-fi history, but a television series? Let great Danes lye.

The future of TV programming will be interesting to say the least. My advice, buy more classic series on DVD. The A-team, MacGyver, MASH, or maybe Friends will give you more joy than acid reflux.

Mrs. Clinton has not disappointed my prediction. Pointing the finger at your opponents for their short comings is not going to increase your chance for success in the nomination process. If others have changed their position on key issues; give the American people a little credit. (Granted we weren’t smart enough to kick you in your husband out of office the first time.) Don’t point it out. It just makes you look petty, not super intelligent. And who was it that planted people in the audience to ask questions she wanted to answer? I forgot.

Speaking of predictions, thanks Redskins for making me look really smart. Way to give up. Hope 21 is watching you.

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