Jan 8, 2008


There are those who might say that today’s rant is kicking a dog when it’s down. But it’s a claim I’m willing to face. When everyday people have to face the challenges of just making from day to day, it’s truly a struggle. We, the average American, have taxes and bills and family health issues that make us want to Texas two steps in front of a bus. Life is not easy. If it was everyone would have no problem doing it. Instead we have those that go off the deep end everyday. So why in the Hell should I give two cents about TV and Movie and Music stars having a mental illness? Oh I know, be compassionate. Well suck it. When they were on top of their game did they offer compassion and humanity to the well being of America? Did they pay a little more in taxes and to charity to make the community a better place? Oh I’m sure they signed a few extra autographs and gave out the occasional extra concert ticket. But what did they really do to help people. The latest news coverage is covered in great stars battling different forms of illness, both mental and physical. I’m sure that this is very important in strengthening the fabric of our lives, but give me a break. I don’t care that Brittney’s teenage sister is pregnant. Gary Coleman is on Dialysis, and Patty Duke was slightly off her nut once. I have an uncle that drinks to excess and a half sister I’ve never seen. Life sucks for everyone. Give me $700,000 a month and I will do my best to cope with my petty yet seemingly uneventful life.

With out current polling results I can’t make any really great rants about the political circus today. I can only hope that the Election process is doing its job and weeding out the dead wood.

Writer’s this is directed at you. I would love to make more money at my job too. I would love to just quit work, along with all my co-workers, to achieve this goal. But unlike your job, when my profession stops working, people die. The people I help literally need my help to sustain life. You offer an outlet for America to escape the everyday life. A place to feel better for just 60 minutes at a time. Comparing the two it might seem like you really are more important than myself, but get off your wallet and start giving this country what it really needs. The fantasy world you create to help decrease the tension of everyday life. Who knows, you start writing again, maybe Brittney will stay at home and watch more TV. See, everyone wins. Get back to the computer.

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