Jan 9, 2008

God Save The Queen

Well it seems that the bleeding hearts of America have spoken. If I would have known that a little bit of crying and a few well placed deep swallows would make everyone see things my way and vote for me, well shoot. I could have rose above the level of working man and moved into a more productive life, like say the President of the U.S. Mrs. Clinton has won a great personal victory. She Baffled you all with bull. Good for her. Guess I will just have to live with Alec Baldwin on some island somewhere.

LSU wins against a team that didn't even fit the build to be there in the first place, way to go kitty cats.

Gee, its been 30 minutes since the news has mentioned Brittney Spears. Hope she's alright. At least now if she starts dating the photographers it will save some of her daily commute in the helps car.

I think the Golden Globes were last night. Who knows? Does it really matter anymore?

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