Jan 10, 2008

Blame Game

Ah the ever famed blame game. How it has evolved into an evolutionary nightmare. A once seemingly harmless method for children to deny involvement in any suspect activity has become the mantra for most Americans’. People refuse to take responsibility for anything that happens in their lives. The coffee I drink was too hot when I slammed it down my pie hole so I sued the coffee place for millions of dollars. The fast food that I crave every single meal has made me fat, it can’t be my fault. I can’t find a middle management position with my GED so I should get free money from the Government until I can find work. I’m not working, I don’t pay taxes, and I have 30 kids, I should get free education for my kids, free insurance, and free food and you should have to pay for it. Why? Because it’s your fault that I’m a lazy, unmotivated, self loathing, sex crazed waist of bio material, now cut me a check.

Will someone please tell me why I have to sit through a 45 minute weather report that consists of some guy in a cheap suit explaining to me how pressure systems work and why the low and the high work together and how the jet stream is flowing today when all I really want to know is if its going to rain tomorrow. Of course with a six year degree and forty million in satellite equipment he still can’t tell me that.

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