Jul 10, 2012

Day 1 of the juice detox

I have watched the movie "Fat, Sick & NearlyDead" many times. The idea of losing weight and cleaning out the body with just juice is very compelling.  Of course the commitment is truly the issue, I mean it’s sixty days.  That is a horrific amount of time to drink water and fresh veggie/fruit juice.  But the hour is upon me to change something not only in my life but within myself.  A clean, fresh start at the life I could have verses this garbage filled life I have accepted for myself. 

So today is the first day of sixty and you get to hear about all of it.  The flavor of the juice does not bother me.  The process of making the juice is just about as easy as any meal prep can be.  The hardest part will be keeping with it for the entire time and stay active to keep my spirits in it until the end. 

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