Jun 22, 2012

The money mountain

Raising money for a film (when you are not Scorsese) seems to be a huge mountain to climb.  It takes marketing, salesmanship, and a trust of strangers that is almost impossible to generate.  Writing posts or updates to try to encourage generous souls is a tough gig.  The vision of the project is solid, the talent being considered is solid, and the desire for success is huge.  As a whole, this film would be something special if it had the chance to be completed. 

The problem is that October is drawing closer and closer without the needed funds in place.  Money makes the difference, unfortunately.  My budget is laid out to the penny.  It allows for the talent and crew to be taken care of as it should be.  They work hard and should be compensated for their work.  For me, the pay is in the project itself.  The finished film is my paycheck and any audience response is just a Christmas bonus. 

I have not posted any video or picture updates because I hate my appearance on screen and there are not any production photos to be released yet.  So please hold that against me and not the project. 

Take a moment of your time to review the premise of the project and see if you can find a few dollars to contribute. 

As always, I thank you for your time.

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