Feb 12, 2012

Coke or Caffeine: Pick your poison.

People all over the world have addictions.  Those little things that make us feel better.  Things that help us escape our normal pathetic lives for just a few seconds.  It can be something as simple and pure as a book and a bath.  It can be as complex as a drug habit.  Addiction is never the true problem.  Addiction stems from other aspects of one’s life that needs comfort.

When you are a professional singer or athlete release comes from a great performance.  Hours of hard work and sacrifice for that one moment of bliss.  What happens when the crowd is gone?  What happens when the cheers stop?  That release needs fulfilled in some form.  Too bad for many it is often drugs.

Whitney Houston had fallen from grace one too many times.  Her last performance was unbearable to watch.  The once great pop star was now a cautionary tale of scandal.  A woman the demanded respect and emanated power found dead in a hotel like a common streetwalker.  Left in her wake was a tarnished career, broken marriage, and a bloated last-ditch performance of trash.

Now in all fairness the medical examiner’s report has yet to be release.  Years of abuse (both physical and mental) finally caught up to the Queen of Pop.  Death was her escape from a life that had left her years ago.

Addiction is a funny thing.  It can make you forget or feel better in a short time frame.  Ultimately you are still left with who you are and the problems in your life.  The question is will your addiction take what is left of that life away from you?

My addiction is coffee, good coffee.  I will probably have many health complications from this pick me up.  GI, Cardiac, and Endocrine complications when I am older brought on by the daily consumption.  It is my choice to do this evil to myself.  Nevertheless, damn it, it makes me feel good.

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