Nov 13, 2011

Top 5 things I could care less about

I do not want to rant about this list.  I do not want to draw more attention than deserved to the following list.  The fact that the media has focused their efforts on these five "stories" only proves one thing; Chaos.  Chaos has consumed us as a nation and the real struggles of America will never be as important as he person scandals of individuals being humans.  Making human mistakes that should never be this publicized in society.

The List:

Joe Paterno in a sex scandal.

Rick Perry making a mistake.

Kim Kardashian's wedding and divorce.

Herman Cain making sexual comments to a waitress.

Tiger Woods place in the latest golf tournament.

These five items make me want to run out into traffic.  Lets pull it together people and focus on the issues of the world that mean something. 

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