Nov 10, 2011

The death of customer service

We have become a society of push button dependence. It seems every organization has employed machines to answer calls, take your payment, and even notify you when services are available. So it is no wonder we are becoming disconnected as a culture. But who answers the phone when the service goes down?

I have been with the same cell phone provider for years. How long you ask? Well my first phone was a bag phone. That’s right, one of those tiny suitcase phones that were never popular. My loyalty has been tested over the years. Price increases, outages, and even fees for the latest phones that a new customers doe not have to pay have all made me question my commitment. Today however may be my breaking point.

I have text/called multiple times to reach someone, anyone. I have logged on to the website and tried to use the automated system. All of which have been unsuccessful in meeting my needs. Over an hour has passed and I’m still without resolution. In an era where the economy is shaky is this really the best time to be pissing off customers? Should my problem be addressed for the better of your company or just shoved under a rug somewhere? What is it that I need assistance with this fine morning? I’m trying to pay my bill.

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