Jul 7, 2011

The Best Education You Can Get: Cheat To Win.

The modern job market is a horrible way to make a living. In fact, if you have a job in this country you are becoming a minority. So the desire to keep one's job becomes an obsession. Which poses the question, "how far would you go to keep your job?"

Educators have had a tough job from day one. The shaping of young minds is not an easy task. It requires time, energy, and passion to plant seeds of knowledge in soil that is unfertilized. Not one teacher on this planet does it for the money. Why? There isn't any money in providing education. Those that teach do it for the passion and love of teaching. Plain and simple it is there love.

As the need for regulation of everything has come to pass schools are no exception. The Government wants to make sure that teachers are teaching. This yardstick to measure success is the AIMS. A tool, or hatchet if your an instructor, that can weed out those teachers that are not making the grade. The problem is that your seed of knowledge you planted in that student may never, ever grow. In fact some soil is just void of any hope of growth. Blame genetics, the Internet, video games, or sugar puffs if you want but some children are stupid. They just will never develop the higher learning functions needed to pass a standardized test.

To blame this lack of possibility on the instructor that is trying hard to grow knowledge in a wasteland is ridiculous. So if teachers need to cheat to keep their jobs so be it. At least some of the students will get a real education on how the new American system works. Guess they did teach them something after all.

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