Jan 6, 2010

Keeping with tradition, for the second day

The tradition has held up so far. It is day two of the thirteen weeks and I'm up at the crack of dawn ready for my run. I'm all excited too. My energy level for the entire day was just unmeasurable. The tough part was eating. I know it would seem that a man of my size would find it easy to pack away food. But trying to focus on eating every couple of hours is really hard. The food was great in flavor, presentation, and overall fill factor. It was just hard to remind myself to actually eat every couple of hours. Not to mention I broke my 2.2 liter water bottle right off the bat yesterday morning. (long story) Anyways, I have continued today and I hope that it will keep going for the next twelve weeks, 6 days, 19 hours. Wow. When you break it up like that it seems like a really long time.

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