Jan 31, 2010

Cold Confusion and TMZ

Okay so I may have learned my lesson when it comes to chatting/podcast with people when my head cold is overwhelming. In fact interaction with anyone during periods of fever and confusion should not be allowed period. I was listening to my podcast from yesterday and realized that I blasted John Kerry for having an affair. When in fact it was John Edwards. Of course at the time I thought I was being profound and well informed. When it turns out it was the ranting of a mad man. Of course that is the point of most of my writing/speaking anyways. I felt that I needed to clarify myself a little bit and for those of my friends that like to point out my short comings (Ty, love ya).

But I do stand behind my support of the impressive reputation that TMZ has created for itself. It seems that if it's entertainment news and it has not been confirmed by this source, well its just not true.

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