Sep 11, 2009

We Go Live In 5...4...3...2...1....

Well its hard for me to believe but its true. The podcast for the rant is going to be a live show. Yes, you heard me. A live show. On Monday September 14th you can tune in to Blog Talk Radio and listen to the live show. We will be taking callers (the number is (347) 934-0489), having fun, as well as being broadcast over the waves. It should be a lot of fun. The show will air at 3:30 in the am. Why so early? Well it was the open time slot. As sponsors come in and the popularity grows I hope for a better slot. For those of you that read and listen to the rant please pass it on to all those you know.

Once again the rant goes live Monday September 14th. 3:30 AM. Call in and lets have some fun. Click the picture and it will take you directly to the site or you can go to Just click the ON AIR Link at the top of the page and look for the rant.

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