Jun 26, 2009

Money Talks and Digests Fats

When someone receives the news that they have Pancreatic cancer and/or liver cancer you start to realize that your insurance isn't going to cover the new parts. You begin to make your final arrangements and start to smoke blunts until the pain is gone and death shows up. Days seem shorter and shorter and doctor visits become more like trips to the vet. (Sorry Pixie) At least, that is how most of us under paid/under insured folks deal with it. For someone like Steve Jobs, it seems to have a whole different meaning. People whom have more money than illnesses can simply write a check to cover the cancer right up. (Look at Magic Johnson who has had Aids for the better part of fifteen years.) So why do we hate these people? Why should we cast blame on them for being successful and able to pay their bills? I for one think it is great that someone can actually pay their own medical expense so that I, the working tax payer with no insurance, do not have to cover your surgery. I would rather every rich guy every day go in to receive life saving chemo and pay cash then me covering for your grandmothers dialysis. That's right, I'm talking to you. Those that seek medical attention without insurance so that I can work harder for you. And then you mock a rich guy for getting better? That's just jacked.

P.S. Mr. Jobs, I'm a PC.

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