Jun 29, 2009

Death By The Numbers

With last week having three very different yet same deaths it seems only fitting to provide each departed with their own post. So I will start today with Good Old Ed then post on Farrah. The last will be on the king of pop. With the mainstream media ignoring everyone but Micheal, it seems only fitting for me that he go last.

When the dawn of the late night talk show first shined on the American people it was Ed McMahon that sat and laughed right along with us. Ed created a whole new dimension to the talk show by just being there. He never played the leading man, unless you count PCH, and he welcomed that role with a deep laugh. As his life entered the golden years he was force to face the financial burden of being famous. The end found much hard times for the once right hand of late night. Losing homes and wife's along with more money then most of us will ever have he was poor. My last mental images will not be of him saying yes with Johnny but rather selling gold with a broke down MC Hammer. Goodnight and God Bless Ed.

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