Jun 24, 2009

Jon & Kate Plus Eight More Reasons Not To Watch

Okay, with great respect allow me to say that divorce is never a good thing. Children are hurt, people fall out of love, and families become divided.

That being said, to air your laundry on TV with a lead up that forces ratings to sky rocket just makes me want to vomit. How can you allow your personal business to be monetized for all the world to enjoy. Do you feel so little for yourself that your willing to become a public mockery just for a few extra million? Okay, for a few extra million I would do some really outrageous things. I still feel that this is just poor taste. Of course if class was something these two possessed in the first place then we wouldn't be having this conversation. In fact, it might still be Jon & Kate.

My only fear is that this couple will be replaced by some other dysfunctional family monster. That the TV sheep of the world will need to find a new source of entertainment. Something dirtier and more absurd to make their own lives feel some how important.

But where will they find such a creature?

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