Jun 23, 2009

The Death Of My Ranting Companion.

This Monday we had a great loss in the Ranting World. Pixie, my long time friend and companion, was allowed to die a comfortable and peaceful death. She had suffered for a long time. The final days were the hardest for me to watch. My once energetic friend was lethargic, unable to reach her food, and could only walk up the stairs one at a time with breaks in between. She would still offer a sound once in a while to answer me when I asked if she was okay, but it was just to please me. She lay and stared at me as if to say, it's time. I took her in at 8:00 am and the vet was very gentle with her. She just lay in the scale, quiet. At one point, when my tears got the best of me, she stretched out her little paw and touched my hand. It was her way of letting me know it was okay. I couldn't stay for the final moments. And I was very lucky that Marie was there to keep me stocked with tissues. She's better now. She probably sits on the arm of my mothers chair as she did when mom was sick. And she plays with feather toys and meows when the food isn't delivered on time. Lucky for her, the food is always on time in Heaven. Chicken Hearts and Liver Feast all day, all the time.

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