Mar 27, 2009

The Rant Turns 100 (sort of)

The 100th post should be something a little more special than just the everyday blah, blah, blah. It should be a reflection on the past and a vision of the future for the site that has been resurrected more times than Cher. As many people know, the blog for me was to be a simple way to vent and release the stress of life in a public venue. The Rant has grown into a actual viable site. I know, I was shocked as well. With subscriptions and visits growing everyday I can only thank those of you whom have stayed with me and welcome those of you anew. The offerings of the rant have not all been golden. Truth be told, as I read some of the posts of past, some of the material was less than stellar. As with wine, time will tell if my grapes are good or not. I can only offer my promise that the site will be filled with my opinion as often as possible. Thankfully there is always enough in the news to keep my little mind busy.

That all being said the future looks bright with some new ideas and items on the rant. Looking at spicing things up a little bit the stories will be featuring more sound bites (i.e. I pod broadcasts) and photos of those topics of discussion. These new features will hopefully help to keep those interested as well as draw in new readers.

I would like to personally thank, Hillary Clinton, The New York Giants, Bernie, George Carlin, Obama, Brittney, Cher, Adam, mothers with 14 kids, lawyers, Sunday Morning, and everyone else who threw caution to the wind to make headlines for me to write about.

Thank You

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