Sep 2, 2008

The Weather is not the only thing blowing I guess.

I have always enjoyed the simple concepts in my life. Don't eat before going to bed, avoid peeing on electric fences, and if the weather can relocate my house it isn't a place I need to live. I guess if you first moved somewhere and there happen to be a freak storm that picked your house up and moved it a zip code or two then it is a simple mistake. But if you continue to use the phrase "we will just rebuild again this year" then you might need to evaluate the need to live in a flood/storm path. It seems that those who live in the gulf coast are going to have to find a relocation plan yet again. I hope that everyone one gets out safe with all of their families intact. Also I hope that this time some of them realize that moving back is not the best plan. My insurance will thank you.

The other blowing object of note is McCain's running mates 17 year old daughter. Looks like she might have broke curfew during a most inopportune time. It seems that this little princess of unwed bliss is having a baby. This story broke with the sole intent of demoralizing the Republican party and it might be working. Of course the true victim in all this is the seed donor. In one press release issued the family had stated that they were planning on getting married. I wonder if he knew that? I guess there could be worst families to be associated with.

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