Sep 1, 2008

More Pulp and Less OJ

You have to admit, thinking of OJ as an athlete gets to be harder and harder every year. The first player to ever break the 2000 yard mark is now becoming a horrible fictional character. Murder, thief, B & E, and gun charges seem to follow where ever he goes. He was acquitted of charges of killing his wife then writes how he would have done it? This real life made for TV movie plays out every day in the papers and media. But what does it all mean? Does this once great football player hold his records? Does he allow the halls of the NFL hall of fame to carry his now tarnished name? I say nay nay. We should examine the lives of these players what they really contain. Pulp fiction writers could not come up with some of the plot lines that are woven deep with in the psyche of these super beings. They place themselves above the law and in many cases get away with it. I guess my friend Gayle is correct, celebrities are gods in this country.

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