Aug 4, 2008

U Tube Of Lube

After watching a recent episode of Americas Got Talent I found myself in a wide mouth gasp at the U Tube contestants that appeared on the show. I realize that America's fascination with fifteen minutes of fame is almost a self full filling dream come true, but at least have something to offer. Whistling is not an art form. Setting yourself on fire is not a talent. Placing yourself on a stage and acting the part of an idiot does not deem you a celebrity. And just because you have a few hits on the web doesn't mean your on your way to Hollywood. In fact truth be told you may have just as many people thinking your a complete waist of space as those who actually feel you have a skill. The fact is U Tube has become the open arena for everyone to visually place themselves out there into the real world for pure entertainment. But is that really a good thing? Is the fact that I can view you in your home dancing with the dog the way I should spend my free time? Of course the simple fact that my heart finds enjoyment in the pain videos should in no way influence the increase in the production of said videos. But Jackass did make two movies and a lot of fans. Think about it.

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