Jun 30, 2008

Scoring Self Awareness By The Attendance Level

When your born there are only a few people present that truly love and cherish you. A mother, father, possible a sibling, all anxiously awaiting your arrival. This small number of people present at your birth is more than acceptable, after all you have only had nine months to influence friends and create enemies. The years to follow however are completely up to you. As time goes on and you grow into the person your meant to become. During this time you will have many life events that will take place; birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, you get the idea. With every occasion take note of the attendance, this number is a small yet interesting yardstick to the type of person your becoming. If you have a tenth birthday and only two people are present that might tell you something. Lucky for you it is early enough in life to completely change who you are as a person. The ultimate goal is to be buried and actually have people show up at the funeral. No one should ever die alone.

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