Apr 19, 2011

Is there any actual cheese in Cheez Whiz?

Cheese is a moldy byproduct of milk. It has become a process for which many spend their lives to perfect. They donate countless hours of time aging to that moment when mold and flavor collide. This can take years to accomplish. Many would say it is truly a craft, nay gift, to be able to achieve flavorful cheese.

This leads me to the question, “what the hell is Cheez Whiz??” It is yellowish orange like cheese. It can be spread on vegetables so children will eat them like cheese. It even has a slight hint of cheddar smell. But can we really call it cheese? Can the time and effort given to create cheese really be cheapened into a jar of Whiz? How can a cheese craftsman sleep at night knowing that this abomination exists in the world? Forgive us forefathers, we know not what we do, or eat.

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