Jan 5, 2011

Midnight Coffee

So after a few sips of a fresh Java it hits me; It's Midnight. What the hell am I doing? I know that I have to work tomorrow. I just finished a very long day of work. Bed should be my primary concern. But for some unearthly reason I choose to brew a cup of fresh coffee. French roast from the Keurig. The brand is truly unimportant. The fact of the matter is that I have just sent my system into utter confusion. Is it time for bed? Time to wake up? What the hell is going on? So instead I will take a few moments to write down something insightful.

For all of you hopefuls wanting fifteen minutes of fame I have a great suggestion for you. Collect trash in side your home. It seems that if you are a complete slob you can be a star. There is a show called Hoarders that focuses on peoples ability to thrive within their own filth. In fact, the bigger the mess the better. People can apparently live with six inches of rabbit shit and not even care. How is this possible? If a dust bunny is on the floor my eye starts to twitch. Homes buried internally by enormous piles of trash should be burnt to the ground in the name of public safety. Plague anyone?

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