Dec 16, 2009

What it would take, seems not that much really.

Well as I am sure most of you can see I really have not written in some time. In fact the last time was weeks ago and some of you took offense to my desire to have crabs. So time needed to pass to allow the healing of my readers and to gain some sort of reprieve for my sick discretion's. So I took time to work and get out of the house a little bit. I still maintain the general morning rituals; working out, walking the dogs, and bathing. But my mind often thought of what I should write about. Was there anything that truly made me want to voice a world wide opinion. Then the news kept saying the same phrase day after day, "a new woman has stepped forward in the Tiger Woods affair". So how can I resist.

This might come as a surprise to most but to me it was just another day. Tiger Woods is a rich, black, young man in the modern world. He travels all over the world and meets lots of beautiful sexy women. So is it really that hard to believe that this rock star of the golf world allowed himself to be accessible to hooter's girls, strippers, porn stars, and the occasional model? If the news had broke that 50 Cent had cheated on his wife would you have had it on every news broadcast in America?

I blame golf. If Arnold Palmer would of had a few hundred million dollar endorsements and a few hundred women waking up in his bed on the road then this poor kid would not be going through such an ordeal.

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