Dec 20, 2009


Have you ever been asked a question about yourself that just flat out stumps you? I mean something you have never really thought about until that moment when it slaps you right in the face. Recently I was asked what the worst thing about me was. Well there is a thought. Examine your worst flaw.

So I went to bed thinking what flaw/flaws do I really have. And I think I might have come up with the worst one. It's never about me. I know that sounds silly, but hear me out.

When I make choices in my life, good or bad, my concern is how it will effect others. How will their life benefit from what I am doing? This seems like the good moral and Christian thing to do but it actually is self destructive. I never do for me. My actions never have the goal of really giving me what I want. Oh sure my words/texts speak everyday of the things I would like to do. But do I ever really take charge and do them? My worst trait is that I have done for others so much in my life that I have no sense of "self". That my pleasing of others makes me who I am and if I am not allowed to do that I feel as if I am nothing. Now that's a flaw.

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