Sep 14, 2009


Sitting in my room watching sports I realized why society has gained such an unrealistic pace. The seasons have vanished. With baseball, football, basketball, and hockey all running together in one continuous sport soup there is a lack of definitive finish. Weather seems to be ever changing with the increase in heat running into late October early November. Halloween for me growing up was the first real cold time. You knew Christmas was coming. Stores had school supplies on sale at in August, Halloween costumes in late September, and Thanksgiving items in November. It was never this collection of all the holidays on sale starting in September. Last year I was getting ready for New Years and there was a Valentine display up. How can we have our biological clocks set to the correct time when our eyes keep telling us it's earlier then it actually is? And who started this retail mind game anyway? Were sales really lacking so much that the competition was to see who could sell it first? Christmas in July use to be just a saying of mine but I don't want to buy a tree on the Fourth of July.

The first live broadcast of the Rant this morning was an absolute bust. It seems that above everything else I can't tell time anymore. For those of you who actually tuned in and caught the last 15 minutes of the show thank you. And for the caller from Arizona, thank you so much. The next show is Monday the 21st and I hope it to be much better than this mess.

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