Sep 18, 2009

By Cracky I Think He’s Got It

With a great bolt of lightning from the sky I have figured out where all the money went in America. It took a little time for me to put my finger on it. But after much deliberation the verdict is in. The lack of funds freely available to Americans for such things as schools and health care can be attributed to studies. That is correct. The amount of money wasted on completely ridiculous studies is astronomical. The latest study to reveal and reinforce this statement took eight years in the making. That's right, from 1986 to 1994 people actually took surveys to see if the lack of health insurance would increase your chances of death. Did you understand what I just said? They actually spent money to collect data, process that data, and report the data that confirms that if you cannot afford medical treatment you are more likely to die. Let me ask why there is not a study on common sense? Why is it that people have lost the ability to just take the obvious at face value? I think money spenders need to have a study done on them.

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