Sep 21, 2009

30 Rock? Really? 30 Rock?

I have to say that the list of best comedy series nominees for the Emmy's last night was a tough choice for me. Weeds, entourage, family guy, the office, 30 rock, and some others were all up for the award. The first three happen to be favorites of mine. The humor is funny yet edgy at times (minus family guy) and there is always a great back story to keep me wanting more. In fact these are some of the best shows on television since the days of MASH and all in the family. But are these the ones that win the award? Is the comic genius of these shows worthy of the Emmy? No. A star loaded show called 30 Rock wins. Okay, don't get me wrong. An okay show as it were, but really worth the Emmy? I wonder if humor has been lost in comedy. It would seem so.

Today was the second live show for the Rant. It was a great time. You can play it from here by clicking the blog talk radio button down on the right. Take a listen.

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