Apr 30, 2009

Working Feeds the Soul, But I'm Still Hungry

I have found myself exploring other avenues for work. It seems that as age creeps up on me ever so slowly my thoughts turn to more pleasurable income. Pleasurable income? What's that you ask? Well, to put it simply, I want to really enjoy my work. I want to wake up every day and embrace the task at hand. To look at what I do as my passion not the passion of the Christ. Now try not to miss understand me, nursing has its reward. I help those whom are sick find comfort and sometimes a cure. But I want to really find something fun to make a living.

Ah, the key factor, the work I do must earn a living. So how do I find the means with only my means? So far writing and acting is gaining popularity but the funds are slow to trickle in. Okay, by slow trickle I mean almost stagnant. In fact, thanks to you fine people, the only money coming in is through ads. (Which I'm going to need you to keep clicking.) But the interesting factor that I'm now learning is that Google doesn't pay out until you reach at least $100. So that means I may see some money by, oh lets say, 4Th of July 2010.

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