Aug 7, 2008

Would Custer have had won the battle of the bulge?

Media has become obsessed with two forms of American self destruction. The first being the environment. Now do not get me wrong, I'm not going to do more than I have to to destroy mother earth. But listening everyday to how my car needs to run green, my food needs to be processed green, and my stool needs to come out green is just getting to be a little much. I, after watching my fourth green news story in a row, went out and bought a whole package of water bottles out of spite. The other obsession that has found its way into mainstream media (every hour of everyday) is weight loss. This battle is being fought on the fields in homes, at work, even our children in schools and homes are being targeted for an improved life style. We are looking for ways to improve the nutritional quality of what we eat as well as how to actively increase our daily exercises level to combat increased calorie intake. This has made me begin to wonder what war are we really fighting? Is it the food that is getting us? Is it the fast food marketers that have worked their way into our subconscious? The cold hard fact is that most Americans are fueled by three major things; money, sex, and food. We like to indulge in all three to excess. The funny part is that other countries do as well, but not to the extreme that we do. If the United States government was truly concerned with the health of the nation it would simply do the following.

First off, tax the hell out fast food. That's right take care of the increase in health costs throughout the states by increasing tax revenue on fast food. If you want to destroy your body with junk, then why should I have to pay for your three time gastric by-pass surgery?

Second, increase the cost of doughnuts and decrease the cost of lean meats. Have you ever noticed that food that is actually better for you to eat is actually double the cost? Why? If people want to be healthy on a budget, let them. People who eat good and live good will buy plenty of your product and your overall sales will increase in time with new customers whom now can afford it.

Third, allow for eating and working. Many companies have moved away from the coffee breaks due to decrease in productivity. Then allow those to eat and work at their stations. Organizations have to realize that people who eat small meals through out the day will have an overall raise in energy. Which increases production. Also provide work snacks that encourage good health. Remove the pop machines and they can't buy pop. That makes sense.

The future of weight loss may be in our hands as individuals, but all good wars are fought with a plan and help. Know one wants to feel like General Custard staring down a charging pack of carbs and calories.

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