Aug 14, 2008

The Family Plan

To say that cell phones have reached an all time high in popularity is sort of an understated fact. With every carrier offering more and more family plans it seems that the future is only bright for cockroaches and cell phones. But as the parents and children start to function more and more with a phone attached to one ear it opens up the question to proper etiquette. As I drive around town I always shake my head when a baby in a car seat has a phone or a young pre-teen sits up front with mom texting her friends while mom drives talking to hers. The safety factors aside, how can you expect to have your children learn when to use and when not to use a cell phone if you yourself don't even know. I can't believe that families are being allowed to text or talk on a phone at all hours of the day. When I was growing up, much the same for some of you, the phone had hours of operation. Never during dinner or after ten o'clock at night, the phone was a privilege not a right. But try to sell that to kids today and you may cause a riot. As time progresses I wonder when the brakes will be applied and Children will have to end the phone free reign.

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