Jun 28, 2008

Forgiveness Is a Blessing, Quicksand is not.

Often times in our lives we all have pain, we all have sorrow. Wait, stop that should be the lyrics to a song. These words do ring true for the world. During the course of your life you will inevitably come face to face with a moment that will cut you so deep surgery will not be an option. And depending on your skin thickness that wound may heal quickly or slowly, but the pain will always be with you. If you let it. The most unbelievable part of this scenario is that its usually someone we love that does it. We allow our trust to open ourselves up for the biggest cheap shot of all time causing massive amounts of internal bleeding. But the real question is, how long do we grudge that person. When is it okay to allow for forgiveness? Experts say that over time the longer you hold the anger towards someone the more it effects your health. I would have to agree with this, only for the following reasons. Many of my friends and people that I meet seem to still hate someone subconsciously for an ill done unto them. The allow this built up anger to command their current actions. Why? Is the past really that much justification for the future that it can't be freed? You may have had a mother or father or close friend do you wrong in such a way that your relationship has been completely destroyed. And that person may have said time and time again, "I'm sorry". They may have tried to say their sorry with many different supportive actions. Some may have even tried to grasp one last string holding what ever relationship you have together. But for you, it just is not enough to erase that dark past. Why? Offer forgiveness to those who need it more than you need the pain of a memory. Give you and them a break from your life long sentence. Offer a pardon to death row sentence. Rewrite your future. Don't waist time swimming in quicksand.

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