Jun 9, 2008

Fix that Glass Ceiling and get a Free Box of Omaha Steaks

On Saturday a great speech was given by Mrs. Hillary Clinton in which she delivered her much needed and anticipated support behind Mr. Obama. These words appealed greatly to the democratic masses of America. Much like Hitler speaking at the Olympics, all eyes were focused on her only state of the union address. All though poignant and articulate, the message was quite simple, “I was a woman running for office”. This battle had numerous miles stones and did create a new era in politics, however, much to Hillary’s dismay; the glass ceiling is still there. The stereo types of a woman’s place as a leader in the United States instill hold true. It is not the time to allow a woman of such built up emotion and unreliable mental stability to run our country. Many would still choose to have a man in is golden years with the risk of sundowners to guide us through darken waters. Those cracks in the glass are there today, but a few months and a good repair man and it will be intact soon enough.

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