Jan 15, 2008

April 10th, 1970 All Over Again

For those of you born any time after 1980, that was the date that Paul announced the end of the Beatles. Well it seems as thou those hard times are falling on us yet again. Political turmoil is running ramp it with the current election, people can't find work because their high all the time, and Yoko Romo has driven a painful axe into the Cowboys. The horror, the pain, the agony is just too much for me to take. What the hell is going on? Oh that's right we have to have excuses for the wrongs in our life so we direct our anger to those in the public eye. Is racism really the issue in the Democratic Party or is it just that neither candidate is really the best woman for the job. (pun intended) Is the Republican party packed with three exception men or just packed full? Did Yoko really distract Romo or did he just have a bad game? And unemployment rates are rising as is bankruptcy, thank god new immigrant laws will open about a million jobs nation wide huh. Guess every cloud has a silver lining.

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